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Smarter City Top-level Design Service

At present, the construction of smarter cities in China is still in a starting stage. The construction of “smarter cities” has such problems as lack of unified planning, lack of a complete and scientific standard system, lack of appropriate operation management models, and a serious phenomenon of “information island”. Project construction lacks overall planning. This may result in repeated construction, resource waste and other problems. Active effort shall be made to find a way of improvement. To promote construction of “smarter cities”, China needs to do more work in overall planning.

Goldenet has many years’ experience in cooperation with governments and knows the need of senior government officials in daily management. In the aspect of smarter city top-level design, Goldenet may give better consideration to high-level operational needs of governments and enterprises and plan the construction of smarter cities in a scientific and better way.

By relying on the strategic partnership with IBM, Goldenet established a solution center and owns GIOC (Goldenet Intelligent Operations Center) with proprietary intellectual property, designed particularly for smarter city management of senior government officials. Goldenet has a very good condition to help local governments improve their smarter city top-level design and establish a high-level, high-compatibility and high-efficiency smarter city management system. The integrated application of an efficient “smarter city” system is a matter of strategic significance to city administrator’s seizure of future scientific and technological commanding height, enhancement of industrial core competence and comprehensive elevation of social development and management level.